IMAC National Vetting Programme

The new National Vetting Bureau Bill requires anyone teaching young people to have been vetted. The IMAC National Vetting programme has been developed in partnership with the National Vetting Bureau. IMAC requires all of its registered instructors, assistant instructors and volunteers to engage fully with the IMAC National Vetting programme. This process aims to ensure that instructors have no previous prosecutions or convictions that would make them unsuitable to teach Martial Arts to children or vulnerable adults.

IMAC National Vetting Number

IMAC instructors are issued with an IMAC National Vetting Certificate after their application has been successfully processed. Each certificate has a unique GV Number. The GV number is available on request to any member of the public wishing to verify an instructor’s National Vetting status.

Further Information

Access to the IMAC National Vetting programme is only available to instructors who are registered with IMAC through a member organisation. The IMAC National Vetting policy document is available in the Downloads section of this website.

National Vetting Fee

As and from the 01/01/13 there will is a €20 per person IMAC National Vetting administration fee for any new club, organisation or instructor joining the Irish Martial Arts Commission. Newly qualified Instructors within existing members organisations are exempt from this IMAC National Vetting fee.

For further information on IMAC's National vetting policy and procedures please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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